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We all know the cute irresistibly flawless white Pomeranian, but what is the wolf sable Pomeranian? Many people would think of it as another deviation or family member of the Pomeranian royal huge family. Are wolf sable Pomeranian dogs purebred or mixbred? Which wolf sable Pomeranian is better dark grey or light blue steel grey? Are they a mix between Pomeranian and wolves? How available are wolf sable Pomeranian dogs and how much do they cost? All these information will be fully answered and in great details in this article that will be your guide to buying, training a well-trained wolf sable Pomeranian dog.

Wolf sable Pomeranian dog origin

-If you think that your Pomeranian dog is acting in a quite arrogant way, well it should act so because it was raised with the most royal and historical figures you could imagine. Pomeranians in general as a dog breed (not exclusively wolf sable Pomeranian dogs) are originally from Pomerania which was part of North Germany in 18th century. If you remember well, Europe in after the medieval period was famous for its parties and extravagant style. Especially in England, Queen Elizabeth and its Elizabethan Era was famous for courtly suitors, parties and nobility fashions and trends. This era had its scandals and fashions, but as a result it was followed by a more socially approved decorum expected and practiced by the whole nobility and royal family.

-The Victorian era witnessed a shift in the royalty and nobility fashion and trends from opulent trends and lavish partying to dogs. Though not wolf sable Pomeranian dogs in particular, dogs in general were the new accepted form of accessory. Needless to say that this Victorian era veiled over the used to be flourished cosmetics and pronounced dress styles for women in the Elizabethan era. Women were urged to pursue arts, instead of parting. And because of the worldly known fact at that time, a virtuous pious woman could only have her pets as a subject of her passions and paintings. Pets, especially dogs were held dear by Victorian women.

-Another reason for the rise of wolf sable Pomeranian dogs trend specifically in Victorian times, was that Queen Charlotte fascination and public affection to her wolf sable Pomeranian dogs. When Queen Charlotte was on one of her vacations in Germany, she saw for the first time those Pomeranian dogs. At that times Pomeranian dog breed did not look as they do nowadays. In 18th century, Pomeranian dogs were used as part of the sled dog breeds. Pomeranian dog including the wolf sable Pomeranian dog breed were much larger, more stout and well built in shape than today’s Pomeranian dogs. They were approximately more than 30 pounds. So by knowing the background of dedication to dogs, Queen Charlotte fell so much in love with them, and brought a bunch of them back to England with her. Two of her most beloved Pomeranians were the wolf sable Pomeranian and the all white Pomeranian dog.

-At that time, exportation was still a difficult matter, English people had coaches and carts as means of transportation and mail delivery. Consequently, dog trade and business did not have a booming rise. Wolf sable Pomeranian dogs were in much need let’s say like the Siberian Husky dog breed which were used in travel and in transportation, and a key means of transportation too. So the trend of wolf sable Pomeranians and white Pomeranians was in and known to English aristocrats but not to the masses. Most of the aristocratic members showed their worldliness and richness by showing off these wolf sable Pomeranians. However the public access for these Pomeranian dog breed would only happened many years later in the age of Queen Victoria reign.

-After the death of Queen Charlotte dogs were still in vogue, but wolf sable Pomeranian dogs were out of fashion and had kind of low key moment. This lasted for couple of decades. Till the day Queen Victoria the granddaughter of Queen Charlotte was on a vacation too but this time she was in Italy. Queen Victoria was enchanted by the sight of Pomeranian dogs – here some say they were wolf sable Pomeranian dogs while others insist on them being orange sable- but what is historically guaranteed they were not the all-white Pomeranian Queen Charlotte had owned previously. You can imagine how  Queen Victoria was moved by the sight of those wolf sable Pomeranian dogs that brought a million sweet memory of her childhood at her grandmother’s house (or in that case Palace).

-Like her grandmother, Queen Victoria brought a bunch of those wolf sable Pomeranians and some orange sable too. But what is different in this time was the rise and booming of dog shows and contests. Due to which, the business of dog breeding and dog breeders in general was up and running. Exportation was even easier with the aid of more advanced carriages with better horses and so on. So when Queen Victoria came back to England showing off and parading her wolf sable Pomeranian dogs publically with her that was it. Dog breeders sought after that wolf sable Pomeranian and they were introduced in dog shows, some of them were actually the Queen’s personal sable wolf Pomeranian dogs.

-This rise of wolf sable Pomeranian dogs came at cost actually. As dogs were judged and classified as which is better and prettier, for some reason dog experts deemed that the smaller wolf sable Pomeranian dogs were, the higher they’d rank in shows and contests. By now you should have expected what happened, of course dog breeders wanted to be known as the wolf sable Pomeranian winner dog breeder all over England or the Empire as they used to call it. So they forcibly tried to mate wolf sable Pomeranian dogs at young age, so their litter won’t extend in the dame’s already small belly. As time went one, and this method was developed and crafted Wolf sable Pomeranian dogs went from 30 pounds to under 7 pounds. That is less than one third of their original weight. This transition moved them from sled dog breed to toy dog breed.

-Some dog experts claim that wolf sable Pomeranian dogs were originally northern Pomeranians as you’d expect from the north. While the more colorful Pomeranians belonged to South Europe as Queen Victoria met her orange sable Pomeranian in Italy.

-While others claim that wolf sable Pomeranian dogs were the result of natural hybridization with wolves in northern Europe. Anyhow and whatever happened wolf sable Pomeranian dogs still manage to be the rarest color of all the Pomeranian dogs breed.

How to get wolf sable Pomeranian dog?

-This is actually a good question. Wolf sable Pomeranian dogs are quite rare because this wolf sable color represents a deviation, not like cream or white colors which are THE colors for the Pomeranian breed. You might buy a regular cream or white Pomeranian dog and by mating it to another Pomeranian (could be any color too) the litter they produce together would be wolf sable Pomeranian. This happens because the gene that bears the wolf sable color is recessive gene, they could easily covered or dismissed when encountered by any other Pomeranian color genes.

-The other way around is also possible, you could marry two wolf sable Pomeranian dogs, by the litter you end up with is completely black. This could happen because the gene that bears the black color is more dominant than the wolf sable color gene. Thus, in order to get a litter of wolf sable Pomeranian dogs, both the sire and dame should be true pure wolf sable Pomeranian dogs without any other color in the genetic code.

Which wolf sable Pomeranian is better the light grey or the dark one?

-There is actually no difference between dark wolf sable Pomeranian and a light one. Some breeders promote that the darker one is the true pure wolf sable Pomeranian while the light one is more of a mixed wolf sable Pomeranian. Not true at all, Pomeranian dogs have double coats; the undercoat is thick and short and the over coat is long and light, the combination of the both coats’ pigmentation is the reason for the dark or light wolf sable Pomeranian color not the genes.

What to expect from a wolf sable Pomeranian?

-To be well prepared, some wolf sable Pomeranian puppies change colors as they grow older. This does not have any relation to the degree of their wolf sable colorations; some may falsely think that if they had dark wolf sable Pomeranian puppies they would keep their coloration after their first year. This is absolutely not true. The light wolf sable Pomeranians could turn into creamier coloring or light grey while the dark wolf sable Pomeranian puppies could turn into more of greyish black.

– Also buying your wolf sable Pomeranian puppies from a reputable registered dog breeder may not be the ultimate guarantee. Even AKC allows dog breeders to change the label of their wolf sable Pomeranian puppies as they grow older. Unfortunately this all depends solely onto the DNA and genetic code which nobody can control or predict beforehand.

-A better judgment or decision would be buying wolf sable Pomeranian puppies which are passed their “puppy uglies” period; the period when most of the shedding happens and the true adult coat grows back to puppies. Like primary teeth in human babies. Or you could do a DNA test to analysis the genetic code of your wolf sable Pomeranian puppies to avoid surprises in the future.

How to feed wolf sable Pomeranian puppies?

Don’t get confused with the whole wolf sable Pomeranian, they are in fact a rare type of Pomeranian but they are Pomeranian dogs. Whatever goes for Pomeranian dogs will be absolutely fine for wolf sable Pomeranian dogs.

Feeding your wolf sable Pomeranian Puppies

-Wolf sable Pomeranian Puppies devour bigger food proportions than expected for dogs in their size. Normally Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies weigh from 3 to 7 pounds, but being the devouring eaters they are, they could gain more weight. Chubby Pomeranian puppies are so cute they are irresistible, but their small short legs and feet can’t handle this weight. Sometimes it leads to serious health issues.

  • Some owners of Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies follow the free feeding way, which is keeping food and drink bowel full at all times. To do so, you have to add fillers to your puppies’ food, to prevent extra weight gain.
  • Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies as mentioned are toy dog breed they are very sensitive in external structure and internally in their digestive system. Fillers help them feel full without gaining weight, like the diet pills humans take to trick their bodies into feeling full without eating. Yet, those fillers are dangerous as they won’t add any benefit to your dog and might hurt their digestive tract. The digestive system of Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies can recognize food and nutrients to absorb, by adding fillers you confuse your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies to kick these fillers out as they are, and might lead to bloody stool.
  • Free feeding could be suitable for busy owners of Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies, yet it is not recommended.
  • A controlled well planned feeding meal for Pomeranian puppies should be 3 to 4 times a day before the age of 6 months, and 2 to 3 times a day after the age of 6 months.

Cooking for your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies

  • As any proud mother of Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies, home cooked meals are the best options. Cheap dog food may not contain all the nutrients your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies need. Premium dog foods are always very expensive and would add a load of costs on your monthly budget, in addition to the fact that most of them are not really that beneficiary to your Pomeranian puppies.
  • Balanced home cooked meals are the best both for your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies and your budget.
  • Suggested home cooked menu for your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies could include chicken breasts, chicken thighs, kidneys, livers, fish, red meat, rice (both brown and white), and vegetables are very good for your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies.
  • Consulting your vet on the best feeding plan, products and meals for your Pomeranian Puppies in accordance with their size, type and physical needs would be ideal
  • Don’t be tempted to feed your Pomeranian Puppies leftovers from your table, this breed especially is very prone to dental problems as will be discussed later on.
  • Wet VS dry food battle for Pomeranian Puppies is resolved with the win of dry food of course, but if your Pomeranian puppies hate dry food you can trick them by adding beef with low percentage of salt, or some chicken stew as Pomeranian.org suggests.
  • Don’t forget supplements too, Wolf sable Pomeranian Puppies need supplements to compensate for lack of some nutrients in the diet.

Training your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies

-Training your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies consist of two parts; obedience and house training. For obedience, Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies have what is so well known as small dog syndrome, they are very tiny in size but with huge personalities. Some dog experts say this syndrome is a result of being carried most of the time by their owners, so the tiny dog or in your case tiny cute small Pomeranian Puppies see other dogs from a higher position, thinking they are much bigger than they actually are. They are easy to train as they are desperately eager for pleasing their owners. Pomeranian puppies only need routine, consistency, and patience, and you have an easy ride with them for the next 15 years and more hopefully.

Wolf sable Pomeranian Puppies obedience lessons

  • Early clue in training your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies; don’t carry them all the time. It’s very tempting and irresistible as they give you this magic puppy look. Do it often but not always.
  • First lesson in training your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies is routine. Dogs can only understand anything through repetitive behavior patterns. This applies to everything from feeding them in regular times, deciding playing times, and training as well.
  • Start slow with your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies before the age of 8 weeks, but set boundaries. Let them know you are the alpha leader. Dogs used to live in packs, and as far as they know, your family is their pack. If you didn’t establish yourself as the Alpha leader, they might rise to claim that title and vacant position. Making their training a hell of a task, as you hear many dog owners claiming their dogs clearly understand every demand, but refuse or obstinate from obeying. They are absolutely right, their dogs understand, but feel no obligation in obeying them. So in the first weeks, establish your leadership with your Pomeranian puppies.
  • Teach them words as “No”, “stop”, “good boy”, “sit”, and “come” in the very first weeks. Wolf sable Pomeranian Puppies are very intelligent and can understand many words. Getting the hold of these demands would take some time, be patient but you always have to introduce them very early. Later on you can introduce time out, and treats training, in the beginning just start with these simple demands. As your Pomeranian puppies get to know and study their new home and surroundings, these demands map out their boundaries and limits.
  • Confinement is one of the lessons you need to set very strictly, confine them to their designated sleeping areas or beds. Don’t spoil them and allowing them to sleep in your bed, as many dog owners do. Yes, sleeping next to fluffy, soft and cute fur ball Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies is intoxicating but set the rules and limits in the beginning and after that change what you need to change.
  • By turning 3 months your Pomeranian puppies should be
  • Crate trained or confined to certain designated area
  • Be prepared to be touched and introduced to people
  • Understand that you are the Alpha leader of this pack
  • Walk on a leash.
  • Obeying simple orders as “sit”, “no” and comes when he’s called by his name.

House breaking your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies

-A problem you may face with Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies is urination. Young as they are, they have young bladder and their control over it takes them sometime to learn. Pomeranian puppies are prone to what is called “excitement urination” in which these puppies may slip some pee on your lap when they get excited or happy. Don’t worry they will outgrow this phase.

  • Once you get your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies to your home, take them to the potty designated area once they wake up, after every meal, before they go to bed, and every two hours. This will teach them to make the connection between their bladder and bowel movement with this area.
  • Accidents will always happen at the beginning, Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies are smart but their bladders are small and hard to control too. Keep that in mind and be prepared for it.
  • In the case of an accident, don’t scream, yell or raise your voice. Your high pitched voice may be the reason for the violent behavior and nervousness of your Pomeranian puppies. Stay calm and take them immediately to their designated potty area. Remember they count on you as the alpha leader of the pack, a leader fixes and doesn’t lose his calm or grip over the situation.
  • Clean the mess right away, your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies could smell the spot where they peed earlier to pee again, so make sure to wipe out and destroy the traces of pee smell. White vinegar is best odor cleaner and always available at your home and local store.
  • If you chose to keep your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies in a crate or on a newspaper at the beginning, a good learning trick would be taking this newspaper to the designated potty area. Simple connection will be established with peeing and the new potty area.
  • Pee pads could be a nice start for you instead of crate, as it will function as a confinement area. Pee pads are not the best but they are ideal for owners of Pomeranian puppies or small puppies who reside in very cold climates in which peeing outside is cruel for the this tiny creature during harsh winter months.
  • Don’t leave your Pomeranian Puppies without supervision or monitoring especially at the beginning. Their peeing would take a second, and you might not catch it right away, so your house will end up smelling like Puppies pee, I assure you it is not a very good smell.
  • When your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies get it right, all rewards are legit for honoring this glorious moment. Give them many cuddles and shower them with praises. A new toy or sweet treats are always a plus.

Socializing Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies

  • Wolf sable Pomeranian Puppies are very friendly dogs, but if they are not used to meeting new people they might turn out to be shy or aggressive towards strangers. Don’t be alarmed by the wolf sable Pomeranian genes, they are the same as any other Pomeranian puppy. Make sure they finished their vaccination before any starting socialization with other dogs. Something to look out for is never let them play with bigger dogs in the dog park; as previously mentioned Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies have small dog syndrome they will engage in fights or provoke much bigger and fiercer dogs thinking with their huge ego and personality they are all on the same strength level.
  • Don’t let them alone for long time periods or with children under 8 years old. Pomeranian puppies as other toy dogs breed very vulnerable and young kids would either get them so excited or hurt them with harsh playing.
  • A suggestion for socialization would be dog parks after vaccinations of course, or obedience classes if you can afford them.

Grooming Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies

Your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies will need much time and attention for their beautiful double coats. Grooming will be a rewarding bonding time between both of you.

  • Never ever shave your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies in hot weather; you can only trim long unruly hairs. Once the undercoat is shaved it may not grow back again. Pomeranian puppies appreciate their precious coats many owners of Pomeranian Puppies have shared the drastic psychological effects of shaving their puppies’ coats. Pomeranian puppies feel like they lost what makes them special and beautiful.
  • Brushing your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies two or three times a week is a must, daily would be ideal. To avoid knots and tangles. Also daily brushing heats up the skin and stimulates it to secrete oils that soften the hairs and keep it shiny and moisturized.
  • Use wide comb and soft bristle brush to groom your Pomeranian Puppies.
  • Don’t groom dry coat, either groom and brush it after bath, or section the coat and add leave in moisturizing leave in conditioner to every section before you brush.
  • Shaving the hair on your Pomeranian puppies rear is recommended, as feces could get stuck and stain it.
  • Trimming the nails of your Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies is very important. If you have no experience in trimming dogs’ nails, professional trim is not expensive and safer. If you choose to trim your Pomeranian puppies yourself, be careful as they have a vein in their nails that you might cut accidentally.
  • Declawing your Wolf sable Pomeranian Puppies is a personal choice and not related to any health benefit or harm.
  • Get used to shedding as Pomeranian puppies are heavy shedders and more in females than males, especially after their heat and pregnancy.

Exercise and Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies workouts

Pomeranian Puppies are perfect for stay at home lovers or apartment dwellers. They are very small in size and don’t create such a fuss. Short daily walks are recommended and running at home could be considered exercise on your busy days. But prepare a good stack of interesting dog toys to keep them busy and away from your valuable possessions.

Health problems

Wolf sable Pomeranian puppies don’t have specific breed related diseases. However they are exposed to any dog diseases especially the ones that affect toy dog breeds such as:

– Hypoglycemia: this is low blood sugar in animals and more common in toy dogs. If your Pomeranian puppies look like they are drowsy and sleepy but you can’t revive them from this state, instantly honey on their gum and under their tongues. Take them to the vet to diagnose the reasons.




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