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What to expect?

The ideal Pomeranian Husky, or Pomsky as its trendy name goes, is a dog in the shape of Siberian Huskies but with the size of a Pomeranian dog or a miniature husky . Regardless the previous statement being true, it is not always possible or achievable it is only hoped for. Pomeranian Huskies or Pomsky are the outcome of a female Husky mating with a male Pomeranian dog, and it can’t be the other way around for Pomeranian female would suffer from health problems as a result of carrying bigger puppies than her figure can bear. This hybridization is absolutely unpredictable; the only prediction is puppies size not their appearance. Their coloration may range from dark grey to light brown, and so does his characteristics, it all goes to which parent they bear the most genetic resemblance to.

  • Physical attributes:

Size: 10-15 inches Weight: 15-30 lbs

According to If the puppy is 50% Pomeranian and 50 % Siberian Husky then you’re likely going to get a larger dog and if the puppy is a 75% Pomeranian then you will have a quite light dog approximately weighs 15 pounds.

This breed offers an array of colors and markings such as black, white, grey, brown, and sable. The typical coloring is white and grey famous wolf colors.

Their eye colors come also in wide range of colors, as Blue, green, amber and brown.

Fur and coat: As a breed of two species known for their good and long fur, consequently Pomeranian huskies have beautiful long hair fur.


Pomeranian Huskies are the Channel of dog breed right now. They are very expensive and not easily found. A puppy would cost anywhere above 1000-1500 depending on their parents breed and their physical features. So before you pledge that amount of money, you have to make sure that is what you are going to have and whether or not that is the dog for you.

Pros of having A Pomeranian husky for a pet:

  • Small size: Who wouldn’t want to hold their dog effortlessly almost like a purse, and go out with them without worrying about the overwhelming size and uncontrolled behavior. Pomeranian huskies are small in size and easy to carry around. So this one is definitely a plus.
  • Strength: One of the reasons behind the huge buzz around this type of breed, is their strength. Most toy dogs, or tea cup dogs as they are referred to are very fragile and susceptible for many injuries. However, Pomeranian Huskies owners are spared from these troubles. Pomeranian huskies are very strong built dogs, they take on strength from their Husky parent.
  • Friendly: Pomeranian Huskies despite their somewhat wolf look, they are very friendly and known for being family dogs. In fact they do very well in families with children or young kids.

Cons of Owning Pomeranian Huskies:


  • As every trendy item in today’s culture Pomeranian Huskies are very expensive dogs. You will never find them in an animal shelter, to purchase a Pomeranian Husky you have a good task on you hand. First you have to reach out to a reputable trustworthy breeder like Canadian Pomsky . Spamming and scamming is very common with this breed. Then, you have to pay for some people what can be considered as too much, 1500 $ for a puppy and even more if it is older is not an easy decision and it is not even an investment. Unless you get two Pomeranian Huskies, male and female and sell their offspring.


  • Pomeranian dogs are known for their hyperactivity, and so does Siberian Huskies. So by nature, Pomeranian Huskies are very hyper active. Leaving their alone for long period of times is not a wise decision, and if you are not very keen on walking the dog or spending considerable amount of time playing with, this may not be the dog for you. Pomeranian Huskies are very energetic dogs, and if their energy doesn’t come out in playing, they would be on a destructive trip of your precious belongings.

Siberian Huskies are used to dragging snow sleighs and fulfilling delivery tasks. Hence leaving them on their own with nothing to do, drives them insane. Try to create some games in which they would feel useful and accomplished. Having kids would absolutely make owning this dog a classic case of perfection, your kids and dog will tire each other and get their excessive energy out.


  • Pomeranian huskies are trainable dogs, but they require persistence and patience. They are lovable, cute and unresistible but when it comes to obedience it is not their best quality. Pomeranian dogs are famous for their spoilt attention seeker behavior, add to this the temperament of Siberian Huskies and you have a nice idea about how Pomeranian Huskies could be like. However, you could get lucky and your puppy take after the meeker side of his parent, but worst case scenario you could end up with a miniature Husky who is stubborn and requires long process of training.
  • Shedding: Pomeranian Huskies look very cute and gorgeous with their soft long hair fur, but this beauty has a serious problem of shedding. They shed their hair all the time and everywhere, and they are not shy or apologetic about it. So prepare yourself for adding another task on the cleaning list.


  • Pomeranian Huskies have silky and silky fur or double coat as it is called so they require constant grooming.
  • Brush them two or three times a week, once is not enough their thicker coat requires more care. They also love being brushed so much, so your grooming works as an endearing act.

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