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Yorki Pomeranian mix are one of the most dandified and spoilt dog breed with the coolest nicknames such as “Yorki- pom”, “Porki”, and “Yoranian”. So it is given by these names that you are bound to meet a very fancy dog breed, and that’s true. Yorki Pomeranian mix are the definition of fancy, they are a hybrid between Yorkshire Terrier dog breed and Pomeranian breed, both are toy dogs with unbelievably cute long hair coat. As we now live in a world where only customized items and extra ordinary creatures can survive, hybrid dogs or designer dogs are having a boom more than any other time. The last decade witnessed the rise and flourishing of mix dog breeds over pure ones, which is unprecedented. Long before this last decade pure breed dogs always topped the mix ones for obvious reasons as clean lineage of features, narrower genetic pool, and most importantly less exposure to diseases. Whether you are a fan of mix breeds or pure ones yourself, there is no deny that hybridization made these irresistible cute balls of fancy and elegance as Yorki Pomeranian mix a possibility.

Why Yorki Pomeranian mix?

The answer is Yorki Pomeranian mix does exist because there is no such a thing as excessive cuteness or too much adorableness. The original parents of the Yorki Pomeranian mix are complementary breeds; both are toy dogs, energetic in personality and with the famous long double coat.

To understand and Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs more and gain more knowledge about how to care for them you need to know more about both their parents breed. For Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs are as any other mix dog or a hybrid with no textbook of physical features or behavior. You only get a mix of both; they are 50/50 Pomeranian and Yorkshire terrier which in this case is certainly the best of both worlds.

Yorki Pomeranian mix physical appearance

-Yorki Pomeranian mix are 7 to 12 inches tall and their weight ranges from 3 to 7 pounds. Of course this tiny size is a common feature for both his parents Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier, as they are both lap dogs. The male Yorki Pomeranian mix is somehow larger than the female one, with erect ears, curled tail, and slender body.

-This description is more or less a generalization for mix breeds, don’t have a standard shape or features. Even AKC (The American Kennel Club) doesn’t recognize this breed. Yet, don’t get discouraged by this Yorki Pomeranian mix is more than recognized by all mix breed clubs and Kennels such as American canine Hybrid club where his registered name is Yoranian, Designer Dogs Kennel club it is registered with the name Yoranian Terrier, International Designer Canine Registry that pick the cool name of Yoranian or Porki , to register these dogs, as well as Designer breed Registry where Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs are registered with the name Yoranian Terrier, too. So you can certain that Yorki Pomeranian mix are well recognized mix breed, and acknowledge by most international prestigious canine registries.

-Back to the physical description, Pomeranian dogs (the 50 % of Yorki Pomeranian mix genetics) are toy dogs with double coat the under coat is thick, while the outer coat has long soft hair. Pomeranian coat color comes in single sable colors as black, cream, red, or black with highlights of tan, chocolate brown, orange, or brindle. While Yorki Terrier dogs have double thick coats too, their coats are famously dual color like black and tan, or blue and tan parted in the middle. So your Yorki Pomeranian mix dog coat could take on either of his parents. They won’t have this royal long hair coat of the Yorki terrier but it surely will be thick and fluffy, and sometimes longer than that of the Pomeranian dogs. Also Pomeranian dogs have small wedge face, almost a fox face. With erect ears, alert expression, almond eyes, and the most especial physical trait of the Pomeranian dogs is their feathery fanning tails over their backs. Yorki Terrier dogs have similar physical appearance, their faces are more round and a bit smaller and less prominent than that of the Pomeranian’s. But both share the erect ears and alert expression. So take into your consideration that your Yorki Pomeranian mix would something between both parental breeds.

Yorki Pomeranian mix dog behavior

-Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs are known to be one of the best hybrids or mix breeds ever. Often are referred to as the best of both dogs. Pomeranian dogs are known to be very energetic, alert, attention seeker (they would do anything to gain attention) and curious (and that goes hand in hand with their attention seeking and make them trouble makers). While Yorki Terrier dogs are alert too, but they are very shy. This mix of intelligence, curiosity and shyness is what makes Yorki Pomeranian dogs very special. They are loyal, alert, intelligent, friendly, curious, and energetic without the stubbornness of the Pomeranians. Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs are easier to train than their parents, and they are less frisky and fuzzy than them too. Still, they are full of themselves and have barking problems and small dog syndrome that must be tamed.

Yorki Pomeranian mix dog Diet

-By now you might have noticed that Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs are kind of aware of how beautiful and gorgeous they are, so they are not the easiest to feed. They are known for being the pickiest eaters of dogs. First you will need to go through a slow but consistent process of transitioning your Yorki Pomeranian from the dog breeder’s food to your food. As a small dog breed, many of their canned commercial food have artificial fillers to make them bigger. I would say choose wisely from these brands, but also pay attention to your budget. Not every gourmet premium dog food is the best in regard to the nutrition it provide, some of them are just commercial hoax. You could consult your vet about the best canned food brand fit for your Yorki Pomeranian mix, that would very beneficiary as he would give the best advice concerning portions.

-If you have time, you could rely more on the home cooked food for your yorki Pomeranian dog. Protein is very important to dogs and especially to toy dogs as your Yorki Pomeranian mix, you start with very well boiled chicken liver, chicken breasts or chicken thighs. Red meat is also good but cook it well, toy dogs have sensitive stomach that can’t tolerate raw food.

-Dry food is good for Yorki Pomeranian mix, but they don’t like it. The pro of upper food is preventing tooth decay, loss and gum problems that face Yorki Pomeranian mix. The con is that, Yorki Pomeranian dogs are very picky, and most of them don’t like it. Well, a cheating trick would be adding some salt beef, or even better some chicken broth to add a favor to it.

-When it comes to treats, you should take cautionary measures. Yes, treats are the best in training dogs, especially a devouring eater like Yorki Pomeranian mix, but most treats are spicy and might be too hot for their delicate stomach. Every dog is different from the other in its genes and taste, always introduce any new food bit by bit and experiment with your dog. At the end, you want the best choice for it, and figuring that out would take some time and patience. If your Yorki Pomeranian mix puppy rejects many types of foods, try to find a link between them, may be it is allergic to a common ingredient. Toy dogs and in particular when they are still puppies are allergic to quite many types of food.

Yorki Pomeranian mix dog training

-Yorki Pomeranian mix is quite easier to train than their Pomeranian parent. But being easier to train does not mean they would be well trained in a week or a month. Their training should be consistent and it would take some time. Yorki Pomeranian mix if left untrained which many toy dog owners do because they are afraid to be tough on such young dogs, Yorki Pomeranian mix develop an independent unruly nature that would be 100 times harder to train. Yes, training such a cute bundle of fur, but what is harder is living with unpredictable and uncontrolled bundle of fur.

-Start slowly and gradually, never start before the age of eight weeks. It is even more preferable if you leave your Yorki Pomeranian mix at the dog breeder’s with their parents. As studies have shown that puppies snatched from their parents before the age of 8 weeks become more violent and less sociable. Puppies learn the communication and socialization on the dog to dog level at that age. And they become less anxious about their surroundings if they spent the required time with their parents.

-Most dog experts advise that training should start on the first day of their arrival at your house. Chances are with such a small tiny adorable dog, your heart won’t bring you to do it. So just draw boundaries, and sign your Yorki Pomeranian to its specific area. May it be letting him sleep in the kitchen or in its dog bed, don’t ever let him sleep in your bed. Unlike other advises with dogs, this point is non-negotiable for the dog’s safety. Dog experts advise against sleeping in the same bed with the dog in the first 6 months to teach him boundaries. But with Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs it is for their safety. Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs are very fragile, so you could easily break their bones if you leant towards them in your sleep, or kicked them by mistake of the bed. Pay attention also to not step on them if they are sleeping on the floor. So on the first day, introduce him to his surroundings and pay attention to what scares him or makes him anxious. Then assign him to his sleeping area making sure to emphasize on the limitation of this area to him.

House training Yorki Pomeranian mix dog

-On the first weeks, and that’s especial for toy dogs like Yorki Pomeranian mix try to use pee pads. Pee pads are not the best choice, but at the beginning they would come very handy for many reasons; first Yorki Pomeranian mix are very tiny and in cold climate countries taking them outside would be very harmful to them. Second, as new puppy they should not be let outside till they complete all their vaccinations. Third and that’s more specific to Yorki Pomeranian mix, most toy dogs have what is universally known as small dog syndrome where they think they are much bigger than they really are, so they bark and engage in fights with much bigger dogs completely oblivion to their actual size. Well, Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs are no exception, but what could be more troubling is that they are half Yorkshire terrier, who is known for its shyness, anxiety and hostility to strangers. So till you start on with your Yorki Pomeranian mix puppy socialization, it would be safer for them to pee inside where it is Pee pads or crate training.

-A noteworthy is that, toy dogs and Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs are no exceptions have small control of their bladder. They could pee on your lab from excitement while you are playing with them, don’t worry that is nothing to worry about probably will outgrow that.

-Never leave them unattended, Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs are very small in size they would finish their business in three seconds if you get busy on the phone and the last thing you know is your house reeks of dog pee while you can’t locate the spots. Pay attention to your puppy’s signs if it gets fuzzy and uncomfortably weary best guess is that they need to pee. Take them to where you want them to pee once you see those signs. Also take them to your assigned pee spot once they get up, before bed, after each meal and when they pee in the wrong spot. Try to establish the connection between their pee and the assigned spot or place. When they get that connection right, shower them with praise and treats as a reward. Yorki Pomeranian mix puppies would go above and beyond just to please their owners.

-Always keep any eye on the, and never leave them alone for long periods of time. Also don’t ever leave your Yorki Pomeranian mix puppy with children under 8 years old. With their tiny size and fragility toddlers and young children would tire them or simply hurt them if they get very excited.

-To make training easier, prepare two boxes of toys. One show on day one of your Yorki Pomeranian mix puppy’s arrival to cheer him up. The second one would be your tantalizing tool in training beside treats. Dog toys are also your savior because each your puppy chews something he is not supposed to chew (that would happen many times, be prepared), you should instantly replace that with his toys. Your puppy eventually would understand his boundaries and will know that other than hos box of toys, chewing is not accepted or tolerated.

Yorki Pomeranian mix dog Socialization

-Socialization is very important especially for half Yorkshire terrier puppy. Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs can get a bit anxious or shy with stranger whether humans or dogs. Introduce them to as many people as you can, and let other family members help you with them. That would help your Yorki Pomeranian mix to lose its edginess with strangers and accept being held or pet by others than his owner. If you noticed that your puppy is very anxious with strangers don’t console him, he will understand your gesture as a dangerous situation. The best advice is act normal to make him feel there is absolutely no danger or reason to worry. This would lessen his anxiety. But when it comes to dog to dog interaction, don’t let your Yorki Pomeranian mix puppy come any close to bigger dogs that would fatal for him, even if they are playing. Only allow him to play with dogs from the same size criteria. Socialization and obedience dog classes are a better and safer choice than dog parks for the same reason.

-Always keep in mind that your dog would look at you as his pack leader to scream or lose your temper with him. Loud voice pitches and nervous attitude would only increase his anxiousness, violence and he would try to claim the title and vacancy of pack leader. So be patient, form and consistent with your training sessions, make them short and always end them on the positive side.

Yorki Pomeranian mix dog grooming

  • Any Pomeranian mix in general and Yorki Pomeranian mix specifically requires care and attention for their thick double coat.
  • You have to prepare yourself for heavy shedding all year around, and after heat and giving birth for females.
  • Daily brushing with soft bristles brush or wide comb to detangle the knots would help a lot with shedding. As brushing messages the skin stimulating it to produces moisturizing oils that reduces dryness and shedding.
  • Never brush your Yorki Pomeranian mix dry, always brush after bath, or with moisturizing spray. Section the coat, spray each section and brush thoroughly and softly.
  • Shaving is absolute NO NO! Only trimming is allowed. When the undercoat is shaven most probably it won’t come out or it would come out in patches.
  • Shaving is also psychologically damaging, for most dog breeds with thick coats recognize themselves with these coats, even at the age of 8 weeks they are supposed to have full coats grown. So shaving their crowing pride and glory would make them feel so lost and ashamed.
  • Trimming the hair on the rear end is very advisable of course for hygiene purposes.
  • When it comes to clipping the nails, if you didn’t do before, don’t experiment on you Yorki Pomeranian mix, they are very tiny and fragile any cut would cause unnecessary bleeding. A professional one is always better.
  • Declawing is your option really, it is neither advised for nor against. Seek the best option that suits you.
  • Bath them regularly but no too much, for Yorki Pomeranian as most toy dogs suffer from shivering.

Yorki Pomeranian mix dog exercise

-When it comes to tiny dogs like Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs, one of their best features is the low maintenance regarding exercise needs. They are very tiny and short small walks would suffice to moderate their energy levels and keep their temper checked. If you live in hot climate country, best advised is to walk your dog at night or when the sun comes down. Never walk your Yorki Pomeranian mix dog in the sun, or hot weather they are too fragile to tolerate normal high temperature that other dogs can. When they are older and can hold their pee for longer periods, keeping them indoor in very hot or very cold weather should not be a problem. And even on your busy days, you can busy their minds with a new toy to chase around the house. But still, daily short walks are what the doctors described.

Health Problems

-Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs fortunately are very healthy breed, because they come from very good two breeds. No specifically inherited disease are linked to them yet they are susceptible to most diseases that infect toy dogs like dental and gum problems, kidney stones,Hypoglycemia (which is low blood sugar in animals, if your dog gets drowsy like he is sleeping but you can’t revive him as usual probably he is having it, put some food or treat under his tongue to revive him quickly), skin disorders, respiratory infections, tracheal collapse (which happens more often in toy dogs), and patellar luxation (the changed blue or white color in dogs eyes).

At the end, Yorki Pomeranian mix dogs are very healthy lovable breed that with the right care, love, and regular checkusp should fill your life with joy to many years to come.