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Blue merle Pomeranian, or as you know it another fancy name to the Pomeranian social media hype. Our day to day life has changed with social media and selfies, now we have more photos, alterations, filters and less certified facts. Anything could be caught in the online trendy hype with no root whatsoever in reality. This is our life, so by product our pets (especially dogs) lives changed in a much or less a similar way. Dogs now have facebook pages, modeling agencies and dedicated fan base for their books and instgram pictures. In the realm of online fame and worldwide social media hits Pomeranian dogs are the Kardashians of the dogs’ world. For obvious reasons like their adorable irresistible looks, photogenic faces, lovely social personalities and a wide range of colors, haircuts, and crossbreds with endless dog breeds. If you had your share with Pomsky dogs (the mix between a Husky dog and Pomeranian dog breed), Pomchi (Half Pomeranian dog and half Chihuahua), teacup Pomeranian puppies (miniature Pomeranian puppies under 3 pounds), the Boo Pomeranian haircut, give a way to the upcoming trendy online hype of the blue merle Pomeranian.

And as all online trends and hypes, there are a lot of misinformation, lies, myths and little truth behind it. This article aims at presenting all the supported truth and proven facts about this new and upcoming star in the Pomeranian world, the blue merle Pomeranian. A statement should be declared this article does not take any side, or promote any bias again the trend of blue merle Pomeranian dogs and puppies. And in the case of controversy, the two sides of the story will be included and represented equally.

What is the Blue merle Pomeranian puppy or breed?
Blue merle Pomeranian breed is a type of Pomeranian dogs that has a genetic deficiency named “merle” in which this genetic disorder might affect any part of the Pomeranian genetic code, like its coloration, coat, nose, eyes. Blue merle Pomeranian is only one case of merle genetic deficiency that occurs in black and merle Pomeranian dogs. In this case, the color of the Pomeranian puppy’s coat is diluted almost in mottled or uneven speckles of colors. So with the color of the black coat the end result would be diluted black almost like blue steel or grey color. And that is why it is called blue merle Pomeranian.

Do other dog breeds have that merle gene?
As a matter of fact, yes. Blue merle Pomeranian is not the name of the genetic case, the name is “merle” gene. This gene is dominant diluting color gene that occurs in dogs, all breeds. This merle gene could affect the coat, the nose, the eyes, or any other part of the dog’s body. Blue merle Pomeranian is just a name that got around on social media like pinterest and instrgram. But blue merle any other dog breed could exist and do exist. In fact blue merle Pomeranian condition is not exclusive to the dog’s coat. It could mean eyes, because as we mentioned this is a gene that could affect any body part, so if it affected the eye area on the genetic code, the famous Pomeranian black eyes would be diluted to blue, just another form of blue merle Pomeranian. Some of the most famous dog breeds that are prone to blue merle gene are; Great Danes, Chihuahua, Australia sheep dogs, old English sheep and Welsh Corgis. Those are just very few of the dog breeds prone or exposed to merle gene.

How did all the blue merle Pomeranian thing started?
-This is a quite story, but we will try to make it short. It all started when Queen Charlotte saw some Pomeranian dogs when she was on one of her vacations in North Europe. And as you may know Pomeranian dogs are originally from North Europe, from a province called Pomerania which is now located in North Germany or Poland, but in this area. At that time, Pomeranian dog breeds were not introduced to England, neither the original Pomeranian dog nor the blue merle Pomeranian, none of them. Pomeranian dogs at that time were only cream or white, and amazingly they were much larger. Actually in fact they were sled dog breeds, used for pulling sleds in the cruel snow of North Europe. Historically Pomeranian dogs were much larger in size, more sturdy and well built in shape, their weight went around 30 pounds. You might think that is not too heavy, but just for your information and entertainment, Pomeranian dogs today in general and blue merle Pomeranian dogs in particular weigh less than 7 pounds, and there are some dog breeders who are specialized in breeding blue merle Pomeranian dogs that weigh less than 3 pounds as an adult dog, and both Pomeranian dogs (the one under 7 pounds and the one under 3 pounds) are classified by the American Kennel club as toy breed, which is the fancy word for a dog you could fit in your palm. Pomeranian dogs nowadays are more of one tenth of their actual size in the 18th century. That explanation is just to give you a well painted vivid image of what caught the sight and interest of Queen Charlotte of England.

-England at that time was recovering from the wild partying and courtly affairs it was known for in the Elizabethan era. In the Elizabethan era, Queen Elizabeth gave a kind of bad reputation to her country by dressing in a manner inappropriate to her status as a monarch, surrounding her majestic self with suitors, courtly poets, and less than well behaved women. Queen’s Elizabeth behavior caused some trends that came only as a natural byproduct of her behavior most of the nobility members imitated her and went along with her ways. So the main fashion trends of English courts were low cut dresses, excessive drinking, partying, and lavish lifestyle.

-So Queen Charlotte as a result anted to demonstrate a more ideal figure, with solemn behavior and manners. Most of the party traditions were kept to minimum standards. But surely, nobody can put down a good woman, keeping dogs as pets and parading them publically was the it trend, whether they were all white or blue merle Pomeranian dogs, aristocratic members and nobility competed in showing off their dogs. Queen Charlotte brought back a bunch of those blue merle Pomeranian dogs, and she lavished them with affection and care. And the same that happened with Queen Elizabeth happened with her, the fashion of blue merle Pomeranian was booming between aristocratic and nobility members.
Women at that time were urged to pursue arts in general, learning how to paint and play music and sing were all part and signs of a highly elevated status. Needless to say, that women were only allowed to draw objects that denote their virtuous side and beautiful taste, so what is better than drawing your own beautiful dog especially if it is beautiful all white silky Pomeranian or irresistibly adorable blue merle Pomeranian. This time is really marked by lots and lots of dogs paintings and drawings that lasted till the end of 18th century. Even the great Michael Angelo is known to have his set his Pomeranian dog on a red silk pillow while he created his master piece Sistine Chapel.

-However, at the days of Queen Charlotte dogs were not exported easily, and blue merle Pomeranian dogs were still an exotic pet from outside the continent like a true Englishman would have put it. So Pomeranian dogs with all its coloring white, black, orange, brown, sable, wolf grey, and blue merle Pomeranian dogs were all kept as an exclusive aristocratic accessory and a sign of lavish style.

-Some decades have passed and blue merle Pomeranians unfortunately had some eclipsed moment after the death of Queen Charlotte. But still fate still had an even better fortune for blue merle Pomeranian dogs in his pocket. When Queen Victoria the granddaughter of Queen Charlotte was spending also some much needed vacation in Italy, the sight of some merle blue Pomeranian dogs took her breath away (actually historians are divided whether her Pomeranians were merle blue Pomeranian dogs or sable orange Pomeranians). Anyway, those blue merle Pomeranian dogs brought million childhood memory to her and made her overwhelmed with emotions. Consequently she brought lots and lots of those Italian Pomeranian dogs back to England with her.

-You must notice that the period between Queen Charlotte’s reign and Queen Victoria gave away to establishing the English Kennel, dog shows and contests, and dog breeding business was booming. So the effect of Queen Victoria’s bringing of those blue merle Pomeranian dogs would have a totally different resounding result. By that time, Queen Victoria made her Pomeranian dogs participate in every dog show, as a result dog breeders promoted their business as breeders of the Queen’s favorite dog breed. With the rise of new aesthetics in judging dog’s beauty, the process of hybridization and genetic mutation of Pomeranian dogs started. For undocumented reason, the smaller Pomeranian dogs in general the more they were ranked in beauty contests, I guess most dog judges were attracted to the idea of petite dogs or cute lap dogs. Of course the science and methodology behind the hybridization process was not well established or crafted, and many genetic codes were messed by that time. You don’t get to shrink a dog breed to one tenth of its size, without some serious genetic problems.

-Blue merle Pomeranian dogs could be the result of bad case of hybridization or the hybridization of two merle dogs (could one of both of them merle). There is also a more serious reason for the genetic variation of the blue merle Pomeranian genetic code, is that Pomeranian dogs in general are easier if not one of the easiest dog breeds to hybrid. They could hybridize literally with any dog breed, Siberian husky, Maltese, Chihuahua, Yorki, Corgi, wolves, name it there is most probably a Pomeranian mix with it with coolest name ever. The small size of Pomeranian dogs breed, along with their double thick coat, the variation of their coats’ colors, and their cute temperaments are all some of the many reasons why Pomeranian dog breed have a wider genetic pool than any other dog breed, and the wider the genetic pool, the more exposure of genetic disorder are a possibility, unfortunately. Some genetic disorders are bad, and dog breeders run away from while others are cute blue merle Pomeranian coat, that is actually sought after by fans and dog breeders alike.

-Blue merle Pomeranian is in fact a deficiency or a disorder but it looks so cute, that nowadays even the AKC (the American Kennel club) is accepting them as a breed. Yes blue merle Pomeranian dogs are now an established breed, even some of them were named or awarded the title of champions. However, this blue merle Pomeranian issue is the hot potato between dog experts and lovers, most dog lovers oppose the idea of propagating this kind of disorder, as many breeders deliberately mate blue merle Pomeranian dog to blue merle Pomeranian dog and this would have serious effect on the dogs’ health as we will explain later on in this article.
How does a blue merle Pomeranian dog or puppy look like?
Blue merle Pomeranian puppy would have a diluted version of the black coat any normal back Pomeranian would have. As you all know, Pomeranian dog breed have double coat, the under coat which is thick, soft and short. And the outer coat which is coarse, long and a bit light. Pomeranian dog breed come in colors that cover the whole color spectrum, flawless white, cream, chocolate, brown, tan, grey, steel blue, black, pati-color, wolf grey, and merle. Merle here is not a specific color, but rather an adjective that could precede any other color, so the black Pomeranian had a merle gene in his code, his coat would have a hue of diluted color that would make him blue merle Pomeranian.

-Two points you should know about that blue merle Pomeranian; first it won’t be just plain blue merle Pomeranian. Remember your biology class, disordered genes are random and unpredictable. So this blue merle Pomeranian could have markings, spots, patches, or dots. This blue merle Pomeranian could even have blue or black eyes, if this merle gene extended its gene to the eyes are on the DNA, it could change both the colors of the coat and the eyes too. It could even land on the nose area(or locus if you were really good in your biology class) on the DNA genetic code, and that cute dog could end up with a cute clownish pink nose. But this is dog blue merle Pomeranian with merle coat and blue eyes, is not recommended for several reasons that will be explained in detail later. The second thing you should know, is that merle is not a color nor a pattern, it is a dilution, it could land in any other Pomeranian with any color, in fact it could even exist in parti-colored Pomeranians, in that case they would be tri-colored Pomeranians. Remember this merle gene is random and unpredicted, it does not cause certain case, color, or even pattern, it would randomly stick itself on any locus of the DNA and show its magic.

Why there is a lot of controversy around this blue merle Pomeranian issue?
Now you know that this merle gene is a disorder no matter how cute that Instagram or Pinterest blue merle Pomeranian photos look. The rise of this blue merle Pomeranian trend is making dog breeders more greedy about that issue, so they follow quite unhealthy mating schemes to get as much Blue merle Pomeranian litters as they can even if that would be a health threat to those precious dogs. The healthy mating scheme would by mating a blue merle Pomeranian dog (M) to non-merle Pomeranian dog (Mm). It does not matter who is the male and who is the female, the merle gene is a dominant gene, it would show in 50% of the litters. So this is the healthy approach, the existence of this gene once in the whole bloodline of the dog. What happens is that, due to the random nature of the merle gene, the litter of blue merle Pomeranian dogs would only have colored eyes, or colored nose, while the rest of their siblings would be perfectly black Pomeranian dogs with black eyes and black coat. As a dog breeder, this is not what you want; you want money, profit and the cute blue merle Pomeranian to post on instagram. So out of greed, many dog breeders would mate a blue merle Pomeranian to another merle Pomeranian (MM). And that is when all the trouble and health issues happen, doubling the merle gene would double the chances of the genetic disorder, meaning in spite of messing out one loci (singular locus which means area on the DNA), many locus would be exposed to disorder, this includes sight, hearing or even movement disorders. This absolutely cruel unhealthy and should be illegal. No blue merle Pomeranian dog should ever mate with another merle dog, no matter what they type of genetic disorder the other dog have, doubling the merle gene, is dangerous and exposes the litters’ health to health problems.

Are there any ghost blue merle Pomeranian dogs?
-That is where all the lies and misconception of blue merle Pomeranian hype happen. There is no such a thing as “phantom” blue merle Pomeranian or “ghost” blue merle Pomeranian. The merle gene is a dominant gene, if it is in the genetic code of your pomeranian, it will be shown and you will not miss it. This will be either a change in coat color, eyes, or nose. There are no hidden merle genes, or blue merle Pomeranian in disguise. If your dog has it you will know it. As simple as that. Yet, the result of mating blue merle Pomeranian to another merle, is the tricky and unpredictable, and when problems happen dog breeders claim they did not know, or whatever. The result of mating a blue merle Pomeranian to non-merle Pomeranian is always as safe as the pavement, no surprises or risks are about to happen. And don’t be afraid of mating your blue merle Pomeranian even if you are not an experienced dog breeder, or an expert with dogs, the chances of any disease that could happen or be passed on by mating blue merle Pomeranian and any random dog are not a fraction higher, than the chances of mating two non merle Pomeranians together. And if all of this does not give you a relief, you can simply go and check you blue merle Pomeranian dog’s DNA and see if they bear any other modification on their genetic code.

Are blue merle Pomeranian dogs more exposed to losing sight or their hearing?
That is also a myth or false hype that surrounds blue merle Pomeranian dogs. No, blue merle Pomeranian dogs are not exposed to more diseases than any dog breed in their age group or toy breed groups. Most of these accusations and false rumors come as a result of buying blue Pomeranian puppies from a dog breeder who is not registered or who does not follow the right procedures and mating schemes when it comes to mating. Your dog breeder might be force mating his dogs at young age, causing other disorders that are not related to the merle genes, it is simply a matter of bad breeding or bad bloodline. Also any blue merle Pomeranian should not have more than one merle gene in his bloodline, mating more than blue merle Pomeranian dog in his bloodline could lead to many unpredictable disorders. But all these problems could be avoided by purchasing your blue merle Pomeranian puppies from a registered reputable well breeder.

What is the cost of blue merle Pomeranian puppies?
Blue merle Pomeranian puppies are not the type of puppies you can adopt from your local dog shelter or would be advertised up for the rescue. As any other puppy that come from a designed mating procedures and bloodlines, these blue merle Pomeranian dogs will be rare. Even the most experienced dog breeder could end up a whole litter that are not the best looking or the most competitive. So you should know that dog breeders are running a risky business with their blue merle Pomeranian breeding, and that makes the price up in the air. For a regular blue merle Pomeranian you should expect to pay something between 1500- 3000 $. The more trusted the dog breeders or the bloodline the more expensive it shall be. A blue merle Pomeranian puppy who have had couple championships under his belts would cost a fortune, in contrast to another puppy who never been awarded or even accepted in the shows and contests. So put that in mind when you are deciding on which blue merle Pomeranian puppy to buy.

Where to get the best blue merle Pomeranian puppy?
In my opinion that is one of the most crucial points when it comes to buying let’s call it uncommon dog breed, especially if it is as especial as blue merle Pomeranian dogs. There is a lot to cover in this point and here they are:
1- First things first, you should always go with the trustiest registered dog breeder, online purchasing may be more affordable but absolutely not recommended. You need to be able to check certified papers of at least three of the bloodline to make sure; there is no doubling or tripling of the merle gene. An ideal blue merle Pomeranian should only have one parent with the merle gene. As we mentioned the merle gene is a dominant gene so you should be able to know which parent is the bearer of the merle gene.

2- When you finally find your trusted blue merle Pomeranian dog breeder, you should ask for the certification and registration papers for both sire and dame of your intended blue merle Pomeranian puppy, in addition to the puppy’s own papers. If your blue merle Pomeranian puppy has passed 8 weeks of age, he should have a certification of his completed vaccinations.

3- The dog breeder should not mind taking you blue merle Pomeranian for checkups or DNA analysis.

4- When you are at the dog breeding farm, take a sweeping look on where you blue merle Pomeranian puppy was living, is the place is too crowded or spacious and allows for some running and playing? Is too damp and cold or well ventilated and sunny? Is it filthy and dirty or cleaned regularly? These details are more important than you think, if the dog breeder is careless when it comes to hygiene and space, most probably he is even more careless with the purity of your puppy’s genetic pool.

5- Also check the sire and dame for any signs of violence handling and dog fights, any violent scars would instigate either rough measures are being followed in that place, or violent temperament of one of the parent. In both cases you should not continue with the purchasing process, sadly in dogs the apple does not fall very far from the tree. Studies have proved that puppies even inherit their parents’ trauma and phobias. You could end up with a traumatized blue merle puppy who has not been exposed to a traumatic situation but sadly inherited it from one of his parents.

6- If for some reason you decided to go with some online advertisement with the cutest blue merle Pomeranian puppy photo, ask for other photos than the ones provided for the ad. And ask for them to be from different specific angels, if the advertiser is a fraud, most probably he will only be possession of few photos from the internet and won’t be able to give you real upon request photos.

7- A good decision would be to go and see your intended blue merle Pomeranian puppy before finalizing your purchase. The same thing goes here, if you can check both the sire and dame, this would eliminate your future regrets and disappointments.

8- Don’t finalize your payment in cash only. If your blue merle Pomeranian supplier only insists on cash payments, best judgment is that he is a fraud and you should run as fast as you can no matter how adorable that blue merle Pomeranian is. Cash payment erases any tracing details of the paid one. Online and bank payments allow for tracing and even reversing the payment itself if any problem or fraud was discovered soon after the buying.

9- This is an advice; try to leave your blue merle Pomeranian puppy with his parents for at least the first 8 weeks. Many dog experts advocate this, because dogs learn their dog to dog interaction skills from their parents, so they should be left with them for a while to grasp that concept. Studies have shown that puppies adopted after the age of 8 weeks show less violent temperament and have less social anxiety levels. It is as if snatching them from parents before that age, would cause some social stress in their temperaments.

10- And this is the final point in that section; always consult a vet before confirming the purchase and run all the checks and analysis to be sure of the DNA and inherited behavioral or physical disorders.

Should you be worried about mating your blue merle Pomeranian dog with non-merle dog?
Absolutely not, not at all. It is advised to mate merle to non-merle dogs. What you should be proceeding with caution is mating blue merle Pomeranian dog to another merle Pomeranian no matter what is the different in their coloring. The problem lies in the genetic code, mating a merle to another merle dog would double the merle gene in the litters’ genetic code and you might end up messing with other locus in the genetic code than the coat or coloration loci.

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