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As we all aware of Pomeranian dogs are one of the most accessorized dog breed due to their beautiful gorgeous and luxurious long fur. Some Pomeranian haircuts are actually making news like Boo the Pomeranian and his unique hairstyle that is named after him. Yes, now you can go and ask your dog salon professional to give your Pomeranian dog, the Boo Pomeranian hairstyle. It is like the Rachel of the 90’s nowadays but for Pomeranian dogs. If you are on any social media outlet these days, you will be aware of the craziness of these Pomeranian haircuts trends, they come in every shape and form and also on every social media and social app, youtube videos of Pomeranian haircuts or a Pomeranian getting a haircut check, facebook pages for Pomeranin haircuts or a cute adorable Pomeranian with a crude and flawless haircut check, Tumbler, instgram, snap chat are not exempted for this Pomeranian haircuts sweeping trendy. So if you are thinking about giving your Pomeranian haircut a new spice up or trendy cut this article will provide you with the guide to where to start and what is the best Pomeranian haircut.

First things first, is it ok to ride this Pomeranian haircuts wave?
Well, Pomeranian haircuts are a very heated debate on social media and between dog experts and lovers too. And in order to have a very objective stand on this heated controversy, this article will give voice and respect for both opinions. For at the end, there is no one specific way to show love for your Pomeranian.

To shave or no to shave that is the question?

-Anti Pomeranian haircuts have their own respected logic. We all agree that Pomeranian’s glory and pride is their beautiful fur. This fur was the reason for its royal upbringing on the hands of Queen Charlotte in England at the 18th century and Queen Victoria her granddaughter many years later. The natural Pomeranian haircuts allowed these cute and adorable Pomeranians to sit on the throne of the most historically loved and pampered by royals all over the world, to enlist some owners of these Pomeranians with their and not limited to: Michael Angelo with his famous Pomeranian dog. While the master of Italian renaissance art was painting his master piece the Sistine chapel, his Pomeranian dog sat on a red silk pillow watching his master on awe and admiration. More significant historically Pomeranian owners are Isaac newton, Martin Luther King, Theodore Roosevelt, and Mozart.

-So for them if Pomeranian gained the love of both royal English queens and most historical figures with their natural Pomeranian haircuts, why would you change that. If it does not break, why change it kind of rule.
But they also have another reasonable motive, many Pomeranians and also many dog breeds with long hair don’t grow their lovely fur back. Pomeranians have double coat, the under coat is thick, short and fluffy, while the over coat has longer hair and more coarse in texture. Many dog experts and owners have horrible stories about trying to shave their Pomeranian to get “cool” Pomeranian haircuts and then either their Pomeranian fails to grow his fur back, or the coat has some bold patches. Like this blogger who tells his sad story when he shaved his Pomeranian dog. The worst story about Pomeranian haircuts would be to one blogger who publish his sad story claiming that his Pomeranian after getting a new hippie cool Pomeranian haircut failed to recognize himself, and had a constant feeling of losing something precious or his glory. This claim is supported by dog experts saying that Pomeranians recognize their parents with big long fur, so when their own image changes they get confused and bewildered.

-The reason why many people shave their Pomeranians into these Pomeranian haircuts is heat. Pomeranian owners think that Pomeranians like other dogs whose shaved fur decreased the effects of hot summers, especially if you live in a quite hot climate like Florida or California. But what you need to know is the Pomeranian dogs don’t sweat, as you might know any living creatures that sweat, cool themselves naturally. And the more heat they get exposed to, the more their bodies produce these natural heat decreasing elements. However in the case of these Pomeranians, they can only reduce their hotness by transferring coldness from other objects,, like cold water, tube and likewise. Shaving will not affect the overheat problem with Pomeranians in any shape or form. As a matter of fact, shaving is known to be harming to them, as it would expose their more sensitive skin part to the sun, which was protected with the fur.

-Not to mention that Pomeranians are prone to sensitive skin and skin irritation and inflammation and by shaving their fur into the new Pomeranian haircuts the Pomeranian exposes his pet 10 times more to skin irritation problems than before shaving.
Also Pomeranian dog owners, take down the road of Pomeranian haircuts to reduce or eliminate the amount of shedding they have to deal with. Understandably, the shorter the Pomeranian hair, the less fuss and muss it will create being shed.
These dog experts advise only with regular brushing and trimming your Pomeranian hair. Regular brushing messages the Pomeranian ski, stimulating it to produce moisturizing oils that make the hair moisturized and consequently fall less.

Pro Pomeranian haircuts

-To be completely honest about Pomeranian haircuts, one must enlist all the good reasons to take the Pomeranian haircuts path.
Pomeranian haircuts that are done by professional dog breeders and for professional reasons.

-Nobody denies that Pomeranians are high maintenance dog breed and it takes quite sometime, effort and cost to take good care of one Pomeranians, so how it will be like for someone with dozens of cute adorable Pomeranians puppies with their parents. A good dog breeder knows that all his Pomeranian dogs should always look best, with minimum cost and money consumption. Pomeranians dogs and puppies that don’t get brushed daily, their fur will tangle, create knots and get matted. These are not check points on anybody’s list. So out of economic shrewdness, dog breeders mostly shave their Pomeranian puppies, but they leave the parents untouched so when some possible buyer comes in, he can check both the sire and the dame to get an idea about how these Pomeranian puppies will grow to be. But take into consideration that theses Pomeranian haircuts are done by professional dog breeders with a long experience in that field. They know what they are doing and how to do it, how much hair to cut, and when exactly. Also the Pomeranian puppy gets used to being shaved as his fur starts to grow thick and dense, so it becomes as a routine to him, he does not get to grow a full coat and then lose. This saves the Pomeranian the confusion and the emotional damage that happens when he grows a full coat, recognizes himself with it, and then loses it in a blink of an eye.

-Second reason to get some cool Pomeranian haircuts is matting. Pomeranians are prone to matting or getting derbis in it. And they require too much attention and care, if neglected it might turn out very bad. So for some busy Pomeranian owners Pomeranian haircuts is the fun way of saving time and eliminating costs.

-Third reason would be all the Pomeranian celebrities. Yes, many Pomeranian dogs have made the news for the last couple years, from Boo the Pomeranians who is a self -claimed world’s cutest dog, and Jeff the smartest dog in the world. And of course as celebrities they rock unique, crude Pomeranian haircuts. You can’t make the news in regular natural Pomeranian haircuts that every other Pomeranian dog has it, like our celebrities, Pomeranian celebrities must they stand out.
So here are your reasons for choosing to shave or not to shave your Pomeranian. At the end you are the owner and the one taking care of your Pomeranian. Both paths require commitment, whether it is sticking to the natural Pomeranian haircuts; you will brush your Pomeranian fur on daily basis, moisturize it and style it. And also if you will commit to any haircut of the famous and trendy Pomeranian haircuts, you will have to commit to it to keep your Pomeranian in a presentable state.
Many Pomeranian owners argue that their Pomeranian grew back full fur even after having one of the Pomeranian haircuts. This might be true, but it won’t be the same either the texture is different or the density. And in some really unlucky situations, you will face your biggest feat of having a Pomeranian with bald patches. The worst case scenario would be harming your Pomeranian by exposing it to more sever elements like cold and heat. The over coat of the Pomeranians are soft and fluffy, technically it does not provide any warmth in the cold, but it provides some protection in hot summers form sun damage and heat. In the winter, the thick dense undercoat is the most important for it does provide warmth for these fragile and tiny creatures. So take that into consideration while deciding to get some cool Pomeranian haircuts.

A place in between

To every extreme there is some place in between, even if this place is Pomeranian haircuts with their trendy appeal. Both dog experts and Pomeranian haircuts lovers agree on trimming the overcoat, or shaving it even. The problem is with the undercoat when it is shaven. So, some argue that by using a scissors not razor or shaving blade, they can keep and maintain the density of the undercoat. You could follow that path if you don’t like risky decisions but still enchanted with the idea of Pomeranian haircuts. Only trim the overcoat and leave the undercoat pristine and untouched to be on the safe side.
If you are still not convinced and ready to tread the path of cool and fabulous Pomeranian haircuts, well we would like to introduce you and give you some help with these Pomeranian haircuts.
Before starting the shaving process
1- First bath your Pomeranian to moisturize the fur and don’t irritate the skin with dry shaving.
2- Comb through his fur and try to detangle all the knots and matting.
3- Use moisturizing spray to make the brushing an easier task, divide the fur into sections and comb with wide tooth comb or soft bristles brush.
4- Keep your pet in one limited area, and make him sit still during the grooming session.
5- Get your clipping tools ready, make sure your clipper is sharp so it won’t cause any dragging or caught up to the hair.
6- Oil the clipper to make them less cruel to the Pomeranian’s skin.
7- Start shaving from the base of the head and going in the same direction of the hair. Do not go against the hair, and do not shave very close to the skin.
8- Check from time to time of the shape you are creating and of the symmetry between the two sides.
9- Brush the clipper periodically to get rid of the dead hair that could clog the blade causing dragging to the fur.
10- Check for the heat of the electric clipper, you are stripping your Pomeranian of its natural cover you don’t want to burn the skin when it comes to contact with the hot blade.
11- Work patiently and easily, if your Pomeranian gets so fussy give him a break, he is worth it.

The lion haircut

The lion haircut is one of the most popular and cute Pomeranian haircuts ever. In this haircut, the fur around the Pomeranian face to mimic the lion “mane” while the fur on the back is either shaved down or made shorter, according to the owner’s and groomer’s decision. The contrast between the fierce lion look with the adorableness of the Pomeranian to be honest is beyond beautiful. Most Pomeranian can rock these Pomeranian haircuts better than any other species.
A few tips about these lion Pomeranian haircuts is try to scissor rather than shaving the hair the surround the skull and the Pomeranian face. This will help your Pomeranian fur to grow back and not get ruined or damaged by the blade.When it comes to the body, consider shortening the body instead of shaving it down for the same reason. Shaving with blade could damage their undercoat and ruin it for the rest of their lives. If for some reason you out your mind into shaving it, make sure your groomer shave a few inches away from the skin, don’t let him shave deep down, Pomeranian have sensitive skin, so all this having could harm the skin itself or cause irritation and inflammation. The fur on the tail will be untouched to keep the authenticity of the lion look.

How to create lion Pomeranian haircuts?

The wise advice would be to take your Pomeranian for a professional dog salon. Most probably it would be better but more expensive. But if you come from the Internet will show me how to do it, these tips would help you.

First: start at the skull, imagine the v shape of the lion mane that starts round on the head and goes more pointed towards the chest. The fur on the body is quite closely shaved, with sharp and quick electric shaver. For great Pomeranian haircuts use new more specific clipping tools, yes you will pay money at first but you will save more doing regular trims yourself. Use thinning shears and good quality clippers.

Pros of these lion Pomeranian haircuts is that it reduces the longer hairs to a very practical amount to the owner, surely the longer hair on that create the mane on the head and chest part would require regular daily brushing to prevent tangling, knots and matting but it is incredibly much less hair to care for.

Cons of these Lion Pomeranian haircuts are the regular trimming, you will need to trim the new hair every couple weeks to keep the lion haircut, also the close shave sometimes causes skin soreness, inflammation, the exposure of the elbows and feet adds to the Pomeranian vulnerability, and lastly the ingrown hair sometimes causes itchiness or hair pumps.

The teddy bear cut

They are also known now as the Boo Pomeranian haircuts. In these Pomeranian haircuts the head is shaved to create a round teddy bear like halo of fur. It requires less artistic skills than other Pomeranian haircuts; for the hair is kept in uniformity in regard to length. The hair on the head will cut but kept longer than the body, the body hair is cut in almost a perfect circle manner.
Pros of these Pomeranian haircuts are:

-They are easy to do and keep trimmed

-They are a middle point between shaving Pomeranian dogs or committing to some sever Pomeranian haircuts. You can adjust the length of the under coat or even choose not shave it at all. Just trim the outer coat and keep proportions in check to create the teddy bear look.


-You will need regular trimming for hair will regrow faster in these Pomeranian haircuts.

The shave down

-Well shaving down is not one of the Pomeranian haircuts it more of the most practical way of taking care of your Pomeranian. It requires shaving the whole Pomeranian or shortening the length of his overall fur. These Pomeranian haircuts don’t follow any certain shape, it just economize the time needed for grooming Pomeranian dogs. Some shave their Pomeranian till the undercoat while others shave the under coat as well. The reason for these Pomeranian haircuts in particular could be that the owner has many Pomeranians and he won’t be able to groom each one of them properly and he understands that negligence will cause health problems so he opts for shaving all of it down.

-The other reason could be that one owner got busy for quite long time or neglected his Pomeranian dog and when he tried to comb it or brush found it all got tangled, matted and in knots. In that case there is no other way to go but shaving. Any attempt to brushing will cause more tangling and pull the fur cruelly and severely out of the skin.
The Pomeranian haircuts for shows

-These Pomeranian haircuts are merely a trim because show judges and dog experts are all against shaving or Pomeranian haircuts trends. So if you are thinking about turning your Pomeranian into a show dog or get him into dog contests, you are not allowed to do more than a trim and keep the whole natural Pomeranian haircuts rock. Slight trimming to the ears, paws, anus, and feet is the only trimming that is allowed. Hair inside the ear should be removed to keep your Pomeranian away from ear infection.

If you are not interested in the whole Pomeranian haircuts, you should follow the regular grooming guide for Pomeranian:

Grooming your Pomeranian dog

What you should know about grooming a Pomeranian dog is that it is costly and will need more care than other dogs. Pomeranian dog breed famously known for their thick double coat glory. This beauty requires care and maintenance. The first question that comes to your mind would be should I shave my Pomeranian dog in the summer to cool him? The answer is never in a million years shave a Pomeranian dog. If you shave the undercoat, it may never come back, or would come back in patches don’t put your Pomeranian dog at risk. In hot weather or hot summers just walk your Pomeranian dog before sunrise or after sunset. Trimming is only advisable to make all the coat of the same length, not for cooling.

Here is a good youtube video to give an idea about to groom your Pomeranian dog other than the regular Pomeranian haircuts.

– Daily brushing is advisable, for it messages the skin to produce moisturizing oils.
– Never brush on dry hair, always bath your Pomeranian dog then try to brush his fur. If you had to do the dry brushing for any reason, section his hair, and wet each section before you brush to detangle the knots.
– Some Pomeranian dog owners recommend shaving only the fur around the rear so his feces won’t stain it.
– Your Pomeranian dog will need professional trimming every 3 months.
– Nail trimming and declawing is your personal option. However a professional nail trimming is better for your Pomeranian dog as he has a vein in their nails you might risk cutting while trimming it yourself.
– Clean your Pomeranian dog ears and check for any redness or spots there.
– Be aware that your Pomeranian dog will shed heavily most of the time, and even heavier if your dog gets pregnant.
– There is not such a thing as over brushing your Pomeranian dog, any hair that comes out is dead hair that would have blocked the new hair and got entangled with the healthy ones.
– Take your dog for quite long walk before any professional trimming to calm him down.
– Aside from brushing his hair, and cutting his nails. One important thing some Pomeranian dog owners forget is brushing their teeth. Brush your Pomeranian dog teeth at least 3 times a week to help prevent any build up or gum problems.

At the end, Pomeranian dogs really look awesome and beautiful with their natural Pomeranian haircuts. We really advise against them. Accept beauty for it is, not for what social media dictates it to be. Pomeranians lived a very long life popular and appreciated as they are; Pomeranian haircuts trend will come and go so don’t make your Pomeranian suffer for the sake of getting you likes.

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